Slope conditions for the 1st of December long week-end


More snow had fallen in the Romanian ski resorts in the last days, so the Romanian National Day week-end looks very good for the winter sports fans. More and more resorts have groomed their slopes and prepared them for the skiers, or snowboarders, here is the actual situation:

- Borsa: 25-40 cm of snow, it looks like the slopes are in fair condition but their not been groomed yet.
- Cavnic: 50-80 cm of snow, all the slopes are opened, groomed and offer good ski conditions.
- Izvoare: 60-70 of de snow, despite the good layer of snow the slopes are still closed. Only the Poiana Soarelui slope is open, the others will open only after 1st of December.
- Mogosa: 40-70 cm of snow, the Moski slope has been groomed and is opened.
- Suior: 25-40 cm of snow, there are chances that the slopes will open this weekend but only if the snow and temperature will permit.

- Arieseni: 50-80 cm of snow, good ski conditions.
- Baisoara and Paltinis resorts don't have enough snow yet, so their slopes are still closed.

Prahova Valley
- Azuga and Busteni resorts have little snow, so their slopes will probably be closed.
- Poiana Brasov: 30-60 cm of snow, big chances for the lifts to work (at least some of them), fair to good ski conditions on the slopes.
- Predeal: 20-30 cm of snow, poor to fair ski conditions for skiing or snowboarding. If the snow will be enough, the lifts will be open.
- Sinaia: small chances for ski possibilities, the snow is still not enough - only 20-30 cm.

Jiu Valley / Banat
- Straja: 10-25 cm of snow, very small chances for any slope to open this week-end.
- Parang: 15-40 cm of snow, the chairlift is open and there are fair ski conditions.
- Ranca: small snow layer, the slopes are closed.
- Muntele Mic: over 50 cm of snow, but there are some problems with the chairlift that offer access to the resort.

- Vatra Dornei: 10-25 cm of snow, their were fair ski conditions only on the Dealu Negru slope.

Arieseni, Azuga, Baisoara, Borsa, Busteni, Cavnic, Izvoare, Mogosa, Muntele Mic, Paltinis, Parang, Poiana Brasov, Predeal, Ranca, Sinaia, Straja, Suior, Vatra Dornei


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