A new season is about to start


Winter has come to Romania! In the last days a big amount of snow had fallen in all Romanian ski resorts:

Maramures: has the first slope open this year too, Icoana slope from Cavnic has been opened today. At this moment there are 30-50 cm of snow in Cavnic, 20-40 cm in Borsa, 20 cm in Izvoare and 15-30 cm at Suior/Mogosa.

Transylvania: there's a lot of snow in Arieseni already, 50 cm, and it looks like the slopes will be opened soon. It snowed in the rest of the resorts too, there are 20 cm of snow in Baisoara, 5 cm in Paltinis and 10 cm in Sovata.

Prahova Valley: it's snowing for two days now, so there is a lot of snow here too. Right now there are 30-50 cm of snow in Poiana Brasov, 30-40 cm in Predeal, 15 cm in Sinaia, 10 cm in Azuga and 5cm in Busteni.

West: big numbers for the resorts from this area too, 50 cm of snow in Muntele Mic, 40 cm in Semenic, 20 cm in Parang and 15 cm in Ranca.

Moldova: Vatra Dornei has 10 cm of snow.

This is the first snow of the season though, so don't jump on your skis right away and wait a little so the snow layer will grow. The forecast looks good and more snow will come in the next days. Beside the one slope in Cavnic, more slopes may open in the next days (more probably in the next week-end) in Arieseni, Muntele Mic, Poiana Brasov or Predeal. team wishes you a good 2008-2009 winter season.

Arieseni, Azuga, Baisoara, Borsa, Busteni, Cavnic, Izvoare, Mogosa, Muntele Mic, Paltinis, Parang, Poiana Brasov, Predeal, Ranca, Semenic, Sinaia, Sovata, Suior, Vatra Dornei


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