Snowparks in Romania


There are not too many snow parks in Romanian winter resorts, the only ones that appear every season are mainly developed by the boarders pushed by their hobby. Still, year after year the offer get bigger and bigger as the request grows and the competition between resorts it's getting sharper. Here we'll try to present you some of the snow parks that we know about:

Capra Hotel, Fagaras Mountains

The snow park was built by the Fresh-Meat team near the Hotel Capra which is right on the other side of the mountain comparing to Balea Lac. The park has 500 square meters and contains kickers (small, medium, "normal"), rails (straight, rainbow, left-C si right-C rails), wall-ride. There's also floodlit, so the boarders can enjoy the park even during the dark hours. The snow park will officially open during the 16-17 February week-end and will host contests and snowboard learning sessions during the rest of the winter/snow season, that will end somewhere in May.

Access: To get to the snow park you'll have to use the Transfagarasan alpine road (the southern side). The park it's at about 230 km from Bucharest (which can take about 3-4 hours of driving) using the route: Bucharest, Pitesti, Curtea de Arges, Vidraru, Hotel Capra.

Snowpark Sinaia, Sinaia

Built by the Absolut Outdoor Organization in a partnership with the Sinaia Mayoralty, the park is located on the right side of the Scandurar slope situated at 2000m altitude. The park contains kickers, rails and boxes.

Sprite Snowpark, Poiana Brasov

The snow park was built by H2O team and is located near the Bradul Slope from Poiana Brasov. The park will host the Sprite Snowstyle contests.


The are many other snow parks in Romanian resorts but they are not very well known and/or they are quite small, you can find them in resorts like Izvoare (near the Brazi slope), Straja or Parang.

Balea Lac, Izvoare, Parang, Poiana Brasov, Sinaia, Straja


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