Most of the resorts will be open this week-end


This comming week-end (December 14th - 15th) will bring the season opening in many Romanian winter resorts. Arieseni, Harghita Bai, Harghita Madaras, Izvoare, Suior, Vatra Dornei and Vidra (Transalpina) will open their slopes for the first time this season..

With these last openings added to the resorts that already open in the last two week-ends ((Arena Platos (Paltinis), Azuga, Cavnic, Muntele Mic, Ranca, Semenic, Straja and Toplita)), we can say that this winter season has truly started.

Don't forget to check our Snow Report for the latest snow ammounts and slope reports.

Arena Platos, Arieseni, Azuga, Cavnic, Harghita Bai, Harghita Madaras, Izvoare, Muntele Mic, Paltinis, Ranca, Semenic, Straja, Suior, Toplita, Transalpina (Vidra), Vatra Dornei


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