New Years Eve on the skis


Arieseni, Cavnic, Harghita Madaras and Sureanu have the best ski runs in Romania, at this moment. In all the other resorts the best offer is fair ski conditions, but many are still closed.


There are three resorts that offer good ski conditions on their slopes, Arieseni (Vartop 1 & 2, Piatra Graitoare: 15-30 cm of snow), Harghita Madaras (25-55 cm of snow) and Sureanu (20-40 cm of snow). Fair conditions can be found in Arena Platos (nearby Paltinis, 10-30 cm of snow), Baile Homorod (10-20 cm of snow), Harghita Bai (Csipike) and Toplita (Magherus: 10-25 cm of snow).

Arena Platos will hold a party for the New Years Eve right on their slopes, and the lifts will be free between 10pm and 12pm.


Cavnic has the best snow in the region, 25-60 cm, and has 90% of the ski runs open and in good shape. Fair ski conditions can be found in Borsa (5-20 cm of snow), Izvoare (Cora and Poiana Soarelui: 10-25 cm of snow) and Suior (10-25 cm of snow).


Not very much snow, so all the ski runs are closed.

Prahova Valley

Poor to fair skiing conditions in all the resorts from this region, with few ski runs opened. Azuga (Cazacu Babyski and Varianta: 10-40 cm of snow), Busteni (Kalinderu: 10-20 cm of snow), Poiana Brasov (Bradul and Stadion: 10-20 cm of snow), Predeal (Clabucet: 10-20 cm of snow), Sinaia (Valea Dorului and Valea Soarelui: 5-20 cm of snow).

Jiu Valley & Banat Mountains

A little bit more snow, but not enough to create good conditions on the slopes. Muntele Mic (Borlova and Valea Soarelui: 10-25 cm of snow), Straja (Platou Constantinescu, Mutu and Platoul Soarelui: 10-25 cm of snow) and Ranca (M1: 15-25 cm of snow).

We wish you all a Happy New Year.

Arena Platos, Arieseni, Azuga, Baile Homorod, Borsa, Busteni, Cavnic, Gura Humorului, Harghita Bai, Harghita Madaras, Izvoare, Muntele Mic, Paltinis, Piatra Neamt, Poiana Brasov, Predeal, Ranca, Sinaia, Straja, Suior, Sureanu, Toplita, Vatra Dornei


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