2011-2012 season prices updates

05/01/2012: We now have the new season's lift prices for 19 resorts: Arena Platos, Arieseni, Baile Homorod, Borsa, Busteni, Cavnic, Harghita Bai, Harghita Madaras, Izvoare, Muntele Mic, Piatra Neamt, Poiana ... read more »

New Years Eve on the skis

29/12/2011: Arieseni, Cavnic, Harghita Madaras and Sureanu have the best ski runs in Romania, at this moment. In all the other resorts the best offer is fair ski conditions, but many are still ... read more »


The new Poiana Brasov's ski domain opens for public

25/12/2011: The resort of Poiana Brasov got a total makeover for their ski domain. The work started last summer and now they're ready to open up for the public. The big opening will be held Monday December ... read more »

A White Christmas

20/12/2011: After a long wait, the snow finally came in the Romanian winter resorts. The luckiest ones were Arieseni (20-40 cm), Cavnic (20-50 cm), Harghita Madaras (25-50 cm), Muntele Mic (20-40 cm), Ranca ... read more »

December 2011

The new version of is online

08/12/2011: After many tries, few failures and lots of ideas, here's the new 9 years and 2 days ago we launched this website. It was a time when there was no unique source for all ... read more »

A new season is about to begin

28/11/2011: Despite the drought, the snow is about to make a move in the Romanian winter resorts. And we're talking about artificial snow, not the one that falls from the sky. Resorts like Azuga, Cavnic, ... read more »

Special offers at the end of the season

24/03/2011: Although we're at the end of this winter season, good snow can still be found on many slopes, and many resorts have events scheduled for this week-end. There will be Veteran's Cup in Straja, ... read more »

Spring snow

18/03/2011: Spring is here, temperatures are rising, but the snow stays still on many slopes of Romanian winter resorts. Good amounts of snow can be found in Suior (70 cm), Cavnic (60 cm on the Roata 1 and Icoana ... read more »

Official opening of Arena Platos (Paltinis)

03/03/2011: The ceremony will be held Friday, March 4th, at 5pm in the Arena Platos Ski and Snowboard Resort, and it will have mr. dr. Michael Schwarzinger (Austrian Ambassador in Romania) as the special guest ... read more »

Perfect week-end for skiing & snowboarding

25/02/2011: After this week snowfalls, the snow layer increased a lot in all the Romanian winter resorts. We recommend you to get your skis or snowboards out of your closets and go this very week-end in any of ... read more »

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